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Sales Strategy and Determination of Channels

Sustainability of sales is ensured through determination of dynamic sales strategy solutions in the face of cyclical changes.

Online Sales Services

It is the sales service where the projects are presented to our customers who cannot come to Turkey with 360-degree views and online interviews; and the contracts are delivered to the customers by international cargo.

Professional Sales Team

The project sales team consist of young and dynamic staff specialized in the field of sales and marketing and speaking at least two languages.

Strong Communication, Appropriate Sale

The aim is to catch all suitable sales opportunities through strong communication with customers who buy real estate in Turkey.

Call Center Services

In our call center, where inbound and outbound calls are handled, customer needs are understood and they are directed to appropriate services and projects 7 days a week.

Launch Management

We reach the appropriate customers by organizing professional promotional launches for the projects that we undertake to sell and by making effective announcements in all marketing channels.


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